Monday, October 15, 2012


First post, see that´s always a tricky one, but I guess it should explain the purpose of this blog and a bit about me too. So, I´ve just moved to Gladstone, that town along the eastcoast of Australia in Queensland. It´s me and my love, B in our little apartment, which we moved into about four months ago, after 7 months of backpacking our way through asia and southern australia. Originally we´re from Sweden, that country way up north, covered in snow half the year. Kind of a shock to own your own bathroom and all that space for shoes in a a big closet all of a sudden after living in a backpack for almost a year. So I´ve figured it´s about time I get my wardrobe and style back, after all its only fair when leaving 60 pair of beautiful shoes all packed up in five movingboxes in a storage back home.
This one is gonna be about life, love and fashion. The love of fashion and the creativity it creates. My main purpose it to make it inspiring, fun and stylish - obviously since were now talking fashion here. You´ll also get to hear a bit of our adventure we´ve been up to and the adventures we´re about to start living in a dream country half way around the world.
// tilly

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